The true function of a bed is to provide a supreme level of comfort. This level is ultimately determined by the quality of the mattress and how it inter-reacts with the bed structure.

Shopping for a mattress can be one of the most disorienting experiences you can have. There is no need to explain to those of you that have already tried.
For this reason we have used all our experience to select one mattress that we feel is above all others.

We have elected to supply the "Vitafoam Multizone Reflexion Mattress", which is a branded product. It is made from a new generation of intelligent polymer materials known as heat sensitive memory foams.

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Memory Foams are five times denser than ordinary foams. They were originally developed for the NASA space program to relieve pressure on astronauts caused by G-Forces during take off.

Vitafoam first proved the virtue and durability of their Multizone Reflexion Mattress in the very demanding hospital and health care sectors before crossing over to supply the domestic bedding market.

How it works...
In normal temperatures Memory Foam is firm but when you lie down to sleep it reacts to your body's temperature and begins to mould itself to your body's shape. Your weight is then distributed evenly, promoting greater sleeping comfort and relief to joints and muscles, whilst improving circulation. This reduces the need to toss and turn throughout the night, eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on the sleeper and so enhancing sleep quality.

In addition you will always have a clean and hygienic surface to sleep on because the mattress is supplied with a Bekaert cover that has both side and end zips. The cover can be removed and replaced in seconds. The cover can then be dry-cleaned when needed or simply because of an accident.

It is a 21st century product, it conforms to all relevant fire and safety regulations, never needs to be turned and its square corners sit well with the modern clean lines of our beds.

We supply the Vitafoam Multizone Reflexion Mattress with all our beds as well as selling it separately. A 2000mm X 1500mm mattress is priced at 675.00 pounds. For price of other sizes please talk to us 020 7237 1062.