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Mix and Match

Greer beds have been conceived to be as strong and as comfortable as possible as well as being modular in design. This enables you to Mix and Match throughout the range. We have done this because we want you to have what you feel are the best out of our features, and also help those of you that are trying to find a match for existing furniture.

The elements that can be inter-changed are:

-Leg types
-Materials; either solid wood or veneer type
-Paint finishes
-Headboards; with or without inlays and cross banding
-Base specification including the option for motorisation
-Rail dimensions

The prices shown are specific to that bed. If you decide to Mix and Match there will be some variation in price. A different mix of elements does not necessarily lead to a price increase, so please talk to us 020 7237 1062.

Each product image below is linked to a high resolution version with full specifications:


All greer beds have high levels of comfort and support primarily because of how we have understood and resolved the relationships between the bed, the frame and a very high quality mattress. For this simple reason we prefer to sell all our beds as a complete and integrated system with the Vitafoam Multizone Reflexion Mattress.

In this way we can be sure that you will have a superb quality of sleep. To help you achieve this they are priced very attractively as a package.

We sell our beds and mattress separately, so please talk to us 020 7237 1062.

Our beds work very with all other known mattress types, i.e. open coil or pocket sprung. However, the Vitafoam mattress works best on a slat base system, because it needs to breath to maximise both its health benefits its working life. Be care very few divans offer any ventilation.