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Like many things the aesthetic of your bed will make a lifestyle statement about you, but it will also certainly determine your lifestyle to greater degree than you might imagine. A good comfortable bed will provide you the means to achieve a higher quality of sleep, revitalising you so that you can get the most out of every day.
To quote the Sleep Council "because we spend a third of our life in bed - by the time we are 50 we will have each have spent some 16 years in bed. So, if you are going to spend all that time there, why take the trip to dreamland in tourist class when you can go first class."

We at greer beds believe passionately in the above statement and are doing our very best to help you to find the luxury that you desire and deserve, and in a style that is both clean and fresh.

Before you embark on the process of buying a bed there are many things that you might want to know.

The Sleep Council has an excellent site designed to help you.

We are a young dynamic company offering a high levels of service but more importantly producing beds of uncompromising levels of design, with some of the best materials available to very exacting manufacturing standards.

The true function of a bed is to provide a supreme level of comfort whist still being supportive. We have achieved this by understanding and resolving the complicated relationships between the bed the mattress and the support system.

Indeed we could be pretentious and call our beds "a sleeping system", however we prefer the strap line "Silence through Strength" because beds are all particularly robust and designed to be absolutely silent.

When you visit our "About our beds" section you will gain a better understanding of or design philosophy and in particular our attitude to material selection. Materials greatly influence the outcome of the design process both in terms of the aesthetic and its overall quality of the finished product.

We are woodworkers first and foremost and are passionate about using good quality materials. If you share our passion we can supply a bed that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Greer beds at a glance - 10 Salient Points:

- Free delivery and installation within the M25.
- Lifetime structural guarantee.
- A modular system of design that that allows you to Mix and Match throughout our range.
- Ergonomically designed curved headboard.
- Tubular steel tie bars with rubber mounting to support the bed bases.
- The bases are beech framed, each having 33 supports. The supports in the lumber zone are double and have slider adjustment.
- Legs are mounted away from the corners.
- All fittings are reusable so that the beds be assembled and reassembled without compromising the initial strength.
- Our beds come with a new intelligent design Memory Foam Mattress from Vitafoam - the UK's biggest foam producer.
- We sell directly to so that we can offer good prices and take direct responsibility for our products.

We can confidently guarantee you, that you will not find a better bed and mattress system available anywhere in the UK at prices comparable to ours.

Bed Sizes

There are no laws covering the names of bed sizes, so one company's queen might be the same size as another's King size - confused? We were when we first started. Greer Beds adheres to the National Bed Federation's policy of standardising sizes and names and therefore produce all our beds in the following sizes: -

900mm X 1900mm /3ft X 6ft 3in=single
1500mm X 2000mm /5ft X 6ft 6in = King
1800mm X 2000mm /6ft X 6ft 6in = Super King

Standardisation is very relevant, especially when you are linen shopping. For more about the topic please visit

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